Data Bridges

The Data Bridges project aims at providing smart data services to the public supporting digital cities in the future. Within the project, we are focusing on linking and integrating data with environments such as RDFGears. Moreover, we provide services such as U-Sem that analyze Web data and particularly data traces of the people.


The following activities are tailored towards data bridges for smart, digital cities:

  • RDFGears - Data integration, linkage and querying for digital cities
  • U-Sem - Analyzing user data traces in digital cities for holistic user modeling
  • ImREAL - Augmenting user models with real-world information  


As an example of a smart data service for digital cities, we developed a service that harvests social media for event-related information. On top of it, DFKI developed an interface where people can browse and overview event-related information on a geographical map.